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A guide to countering dangerous narratives

This page was based on a briefing co-branded by 10 different organizations in the field of climate and migration. Check it out here.

As climate change reshapes global migration patterns, we must emphasize equity and human rights in our approach to climate-linked migration. It is crucial to foster collaboration among movements, media, academics, and organizations to ensure the dignity and safety of migrants globally.

Dangerous narratives, which often use fear-based language, threaten to undermine this mission by dehumanizing migrants and delaying effective climate action. These narratives mask the true complexity of migration and often place an undue burden on vulnerable communities. Together, we can counter these narratives through justice-based framing that fosters solidarity, advocates human rights, and propels intersectional climate action.

We are happy to share our partners’ guide here to help climate and migrant justice advocates, journalists, and policymakers speak about the intersections of climate change and migration.

This guide is co-branded by: