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Migration is a climate issue is an ESG issue

Preventable Surprises 11 November 2022

The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report assesses the impacts of climate change, considering ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at the global and regional level. Accelerated environmental…

End profiteering from climate change in the MENA, rights group says

11 November 2022

International environmental organisation Friends of the Earth demanded action on climate profiteering after a damning United Nations report warned of serious consequences in the MENA…

Florida Gov. Rakes in Campaign Cash From CEO Who Makes Millions Locking Up Immigrants

11 November 2022

Florida Governor Rick Scott really knows how to pick a fundraiser. Last month, he was scheduled to attend a $10,000-a-plate event at the home of…

‘Deeply concerning’: British government picks Alexander Downer to review UK’s border force

11 November 2022

The British government has handpicked former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer to review the country’s border force, months after he urged the UK to adopt…

Peter Thiel to leave Meta board to ‘support Trump agenda’

11 November 2022

Peter Thiel, the tech investor and conservative provocateur who has advised Mark Zuckerberg for nearly two decades at Facebook parent Meta Platforms, will step down…

EU seeks to deploy border agency to Senegal

11 November 2022

European Commissioner Ylva Johansson on Friday offered to deploy the EU’s border agency to Senegal to help combat migrant smuggling, following a surge in perilous…

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#EU is about to vote the #AIAct, and a coalition of campaigners launched the #ProtectNotSurveil campaign, claiming legislators to ban dangerous uses of #AI in migration control as part of the upcoming #AIAct.


The #US new asylum policy expands the restrictions left behind by Trump's administration. Besides automatically denying asylum to people who entered official ports of the US-Mex border, also imposes the use of potentially harmful technology


Recently released #IPCC is one of the most essential academic publications about climate change, its consequences, and related public policy recommendations. But how does it relate to migration? 🧐

@alex_randall in this very comprehensive article ⬇️

About Truth on Borders

We are a group of concerned individuals and organizations that believe all human beings deserve safety, protection and respect for their human rights. Our work seeks to disrupt patterns of systemic racism, migrant and refugee abuse and to refocus investor attention on fundamental human rights as global migration flows escalate. We will convene investors and other stakeholders already engaged on these themes to focus efforts on changing the conduct of companies most heavily implicated in the abuse of the human rights of migrants.