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Consequential brutality

Zeit 2 August 2022

Blackmail, disenfranchisement, pushbacks: How Greek authorities deal with refugees violates international law and EU values. But that has no consequences.…

EU’s Frontex Tripped in Plan for Intrusive Surveillance of Migrants

Balkan Insight 2 August 2022

Frontex and the European Commission sidelined their own data protection watchdogs in pursuing a much-criticised expansion of “intrusive” data collection from migrants and refugees to…

Scotland: #EndHotelDetention Campaign

JustRight Scotland 2 August 2022

Everyone in Scotland deserves to live in a community-based residential accommodation which meets all Scottish social housing standards. The Roof Coalition invites all civil society…

ICE’s use of data brokers to ‘go around’ sanctuary laws under fire

The Washington Post 27 July 2022

Data brokers have long faced pressure to drop deals allowing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to search through databases to target immigrants. While those efforts…

New Records Detail DHS Purchase and Use of Vast Quantities of Cell Phone Location Data

ACLU 18 July 2022

Thousands of previously unreleased records illustrate how government agencies sidestep our Fourth Amendment rights.…

Asylum: Iranian mum ‘can’t forgive’ over family’s relocation

BBC 16 July 2022

An Iranian woman whose family have been moved from Belfast to Londonderry says she cannot forgive the asylum system for the distress caused to her…

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What do banks have to do climate with the climate crisis? A lot actually 😅 My latest video for Canadas National Observer!

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@queerbrownvegan lays out why the Border and Surveillance industry is connected to the climate crisis - and what we need to do about it!

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About Truth on Borders

We are a group of concerned individuals and organizations that believe all human beings deserve safety, protection and respect for their human rights. Our work seeks to disrupt patterns of systemic racism, migrant and refugee abuse and to refocus investor attention on fundamental human rights as global migration flows escalate. We will convene investors and other stakeholders already engaged on these themes to focus efforts on changing the conduct of companies most heavily implicated in the abuse of the human rights of migrants.